A Compendium of Stories by A.D. Ray

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Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film (a BFI Compendium)

Dorn put together this short story collection full of fascinating scares. One tale follows a sinister substitute teacher, another deals with a wicked witch, and one even follows a young boy whose body is turned into a bat. Like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark , this one is comprised of tales intended for youngsters that still pack a fearsome wallop. Cool Ad. Here's Nerdist. Related Content.

Lindsey Romain. Andrea Towers. Kyle Anderson. Matthew Hart. Michael Walsh. Rosie Knight. Meaghan Kirby. Eric Diaz. Type and hit enter:. Alpha will be closing on March If you are not a current Alpha member, stay tuned for more news on where you can watch. Read more here.

Login to alpha. Search for:. The story of its publication is one of the great literary anecdotes in history. Dorothy McIlwraith, the editor of Weird Tales during the s, turned down the story. While it sat on the slush pile, another young writer working there at the time read it, thought it was good, and told the fiction editor to publish it. Yet, at least within the confines of this story, he never has his desire fulfilled. This story, for me, illustrates the intense emotional power of which Bradbury was capable, both within Science Fiction and outside it; his ability to evoke and explore feelings and desires that inspire empathy and resonate so profoundly with readers.

Most avid readers know Ray Bradbury for his fiction. Yet, in the later part of his long career—much like fellow SF writer Isaac Asimov—he turned his hand to other forms of writing. He published a collection of poetry. He adapted several of his works—short stories and novels—into teleplays, screenplays, and stage plays.

And, of course, he wrote numerous essays on a variety of topics. But its subject matter is, by necessity, limited. In spite of audience expectations, though, he also explains his commitment to the essay as a form, why he writes them, and how he approaches them:. Although I suppose I am best known to readers as a fiction writer, I am also a great lover of the essay and have written hundreds of them.

All of the pieces in this book are familiar essays. Bradbury Speaks , And the pieces reflect that quiet passion. A connecting thread, tuned perfectly to the pitch of enthusiasm, runs through the whole collection. Each piece rises out of great depths of Vesuvian love for his subject matter.

Inaddition, Bradbury manages something in these essays that only the best essayists achieve. If you listen to Bradbury actually speak in a tribute here on Tor.

The Survival Handbook

With each new literary form comes new requirements. His nonfiction retains the same passion, but aims for greater clarity in the service of communicating his ideas.

The composer is the same; only the key in which he composes is different. No matter where you begin with Bradbury, though—be it one of the suggestions listed here or another book or story—his work and the music of his words will enrich your life. They can entertain you.

They can inspire you. So pick a point and let his voice into your world. Receive notification by email when a new comment is added. You must be a registered user to subscribe to threads.


The 10 best short story collections | Culture | The Guardian

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