Letters to Isabella

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Isabella Guggenheimer Schweitzer to Schweitzer family, March 30, Author Isabella Guggenheimer Schweitzer. Recipient Hirsch SchweitzerErnestine Schweitzer. Date March 30, Origin Baltimore, Md. Type letter. She definitely put me under her spell. Kelly: Thank you for this beautiful and interesting post.

Victoria : Glad that you liked it, Kelly! Lydia: How fascinating! Thank you for sharing this. I wish the letters were translated to English or that I could read them in French. The comments in this thread are fascinating as well.

So much to learn! March 10, at pm Reply. Victoria : My favorite historians are the ones who are able to do just that—to make people who lived in the past appear vivid, to relate their thoughts and motivations. You made me curious to read them. March 11, at pm Reply. Lydia: I definitely will! March 12, at pm Reply.

Carla: I love how these posts have branched from perfume. I enjoy the focus on beauty and art. It seems rare these days. Stupid novel! Give me beauty and not cynicism for my escape! March 11, at am Reply.

Letter of Isabella Bird Bishop to Henrietta Bird, 13 February - Page 1 - JMA Gallery

Victoria : Oh, Isabella was plenty cynical, especially considering her frustration with her surroundings. She shares her innermost thoughts in her letters, and they run gamut from moving to cynical.

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Carla: Yes but it sounds like something I would like. Maybe I just want to escape from modernity sometimes with a woman who, while not of our times, I can still relate to, and maybe I find cynicism with the weight of history more engrossing. Silly was more accurate I think! Victoria : Then you will enjoy them. Somehow I found it easy to relate to her. Anna Maria: I went to Vienna last year for the first time and while visiting The Albertina and all the Palaces was fascinating by the history and their lifestyles.

So, I came across this blog, being a perfume lover and history, travel, beauty lover, and have subscribed for more lol.. March 15, at pm Reply. Victoria : Thank you, Anna Maria, and welcome! We seem to share many interests in common. March 16, at am Reply.

She was practically forced to marry the Duke of Parma even though she was in love with a minor prince, Charles of Zweibrucken. It caused a permanent estrangement between Amalia and the empress. Anyhow thanks for the post.

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Victoria : Ah, yes, Maria Amalia has been quite unhappy with their choice of Ferdinand. Incidentally, when Marie Christine visited Amalia in Parma, she reported to her mother that her sister lost much of her beauty and glamour. If you have any other recommended books on topic, please share.

A considerable section is dedicated to her childhood at the court of Vienna. She preached wifely submission yet she forcefully ran an empire like a man. Victoria : Maria Theresa did everything in her life, down to choosing the husband she wanted but not her family , according to her own ideas. And she wanted her daughters to act in a very different way. Certainly that bred much resentment. Thank you, I might have to take a look at it. Victoria : By the way, this spring the gardens at the Royal Palace of Laeken are open to public for few weeks.

If anyone of you is in Brussels this April-May, do visit. Doreen : This is fascinating!


Letters to Isabella

I knew nothing about her. I am consistently awed by how much the people accomplished at early ages back then. Shorter lives seemed to spur the creativity… Thank you for this interesting post! March 18, at pm Reply. I am writing a Book in german about isabella February 1, at pm Reply. Victoria : Fantastic!

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Microfilm labeled Isabella Stewart Gardner papers. Microfilm reel available at Archives of American Art offices and through interlibrary loan. The Archives of American art does not own the original papers. Use is limited to the microfilm copy. Isabella Stewart Gardner letters to Bernard Berenson, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.