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In Christian theology, there is supposed to be a large war between all nations followed directly by the second coming of Christ. Hence the title Sacred Lie. Sacred being the keyword. Evidence for this conclusion lies in sentences such as "Damnation a moment away in all the world's eyes", "let your followers know that their lives have been sold" and "It's the doom of us all.

He lies against God and claims that the war is to protect the people from the religious people however the narrator has discovered that he is lying hence the line "as our brothers die defending no one.

Другие песни Disturbed

I strongly believe this song is about war yes, but on a deeper level, religion and its negative affects. The "war" can even mean atheism and theism, science, religion, the endless clash. You're mostly right, but it's not about any particular war, just war in general, according to David, it "Deals with the horrors of the mutilation and damnation of war, the terrible cost paid in flesh, blood, and souls. Sending young troops to die in a pointless wild-goos-chase.

Facebook orders Sacred Lies episode drama based on Grimm story - SlashGear

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Tagged: No tags, suggest one. And the fear isn't going away as the soldiers still die. We'd rather have a lie than a question that we can never know the answer to. But it's also true that hate has a way of hurting you more than the person you're hating. That we could look at the same stars in the same sky, but not have the same questions.

Not want the same answers. Before anything else existed, there were just stars. And solar systems formed, and Earth formed, and algae and eventually oxygen.

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We come from the stars. My heart is more full of blood than I ever imagined.

Sacred Lie by Disturbed Lyrics

And from this perch in space, for this moment at least, it seems unimportant whether someone made it, or if it made itself. Growing up, I believed in miracles. Feelings are magnified when you're young, I think, and the fear can stay with you for a long time. I eventually grew out of the fear but even now when I read something with a witch, my mind always traces back to that story.

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Isn't that weird? That act of kindness is still more unfathomable to me than any cruelty. I was never taught basic math, but by the time I figured out how to finger count, I deduced that Charlie was around my age.

Diabolical Imperium (Ger.) "The Sacred Lie" LP

Not for that night. He was afraid for the rest of his life. That it would always be like this, living in that cabin with his father going slowly decrepit from homemade alcohol, getting meaner.

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I knew because it was the same fear I felt every day. Fear of being stuck in a place forever. This was the moment we discovered that, if we both shifted our weight forward, if we abandoned our fear of the drop below, not looking down, we could touch the tips of our fingers together.