Seduction of Marketing

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  1. Seduction marketing
  2. Définition : Merchandising de séduction
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The imbalance in access to information favored the seller.

Seduction marketing

Today, prospects face a different form of anxiety. The abundant access to information from thousands of competing sources threatens to overwhelm the prospect. Your brand becomes heroic in the sense that you arrive to further empower the prospect to solve their problem. You help them make sense of the relevant information. And in the process, you demonstrate — rather than claim — that your product or service is the perfect solution for that particular person. So yes, your brand can become a hero.

Définition : Merchandising de séduction

As long as you never forget that the prospect is the main hero, or protagonist, of a journey that they are at the center of. It forces you to keep your focus on empowering them, with you and your content playing the role of the mentor, or guide. Structuring your content marketing strategy in this way leads to success.

Phil Connors does end up with Rita, but only when he actually becomes her ideal man instead of trying to fake it. The time loop ends thanks to an authentic seduction. Here is my question for you, based on what we just learned about content marketing as seduction …. Remember: you are not the hero. THEY are the hero, and you are there to further empower them to solve their problems, to help them make sense of the relevant information they are bombarded with, and, in the process, you demonstrate — rather than claim — that your product or service is the perfect solution for that particular person.

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This episode features:

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2. Stir basic emotions.

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