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  1. Army says missing Major-General Alkali was killed by protesting youths in Jos
  2. Missing conversations in General channel (Microsoft Teams)
  3. Nigeria: How Body of Missing Nigerian Army General Was 'Found' -
  4. How to Report a Missing Person

At first, Braddock does not believe it, but when cold-blooded CIA boss Littlejohn Jack Rader tells Braddock to disregard that information, that's when Braddock knows it's true. Braddock heads back into Vietnam through parachute deployment and with the help of an Australian C pilot. After parachute descent, Braddock outruns Vietnamese Navy patrol boats with a jet-powered speedboat. Reverend Polanski leads Braddock to Lin and Van. Quoc kills Lin on the spot, and has his soldiers take Braddock and Van to a compound to be tortured.

Later, Braddock overpowers his guards, frees Van, and heads for the mission that is run by Polanski. Quoc anticipates the move and takes all the mission children into captivity, along with Van and Polanski, and Braddock sets out to free them all from Quoc by going to his weapons cache that he had hidden a few days prior. He raids the camp killing the guards and loading up one of the trucks with all the children including his son, Van and the Reverend.

After they escape Braddock takes the children on foot and find a Vietnamese airstrip. Braddock silently takes out the guards and hijacks a C Dakota plane. The plane is then attacked by Vietnamese guards causing fuel to leak out of the plane, eventually crashing just outside the Cambodian-Thailand border.

Braddock then raids the border station where Thai and US troops are watching on the other side, cheering Braddock on. When Braddock kills all the opposing troops, more pour in.


Braddock is injured by a grenade. Taunting each other to cross, Braddock and his son Van fire at Quoc's ship, hitting the pilot. The gunship crashes, killing Quoc. The US troops pour over the border and bridge and help the wounded Braddock and the children. Norris had a long term deal with Cannon Films. They were in financial trouble and wanted a new Missing in Action film. Norris says "I really wasn't interested in doing a third one" until his brother Aaron told him about the Amerasian children?.

Finally, she had the baby over there and died. So the next 14 years he spent trying to locate the child and get him out of the country. But finally he did it, and there were tears and everything then.

Army says missing Major-General Alkali was killed by protesting youths in Jos

It really hit you. Norris wrote the script with James Bruner.

Filming was to start 1 December with Joseph Zito who directed the original film to direct. In March Jack Smight was attached to direct. The Nigerian Army on Wednesday explained how it found the body of a missing general, Idris Alkali, after weeks of intense investigations. Mr Alkali, who recently retired as a major general, was declared missing several weeks ago while travelling from Abuja to Bauchi. Although no medical test had been done to confirm if the body parts found were actually that of Mr Alkali, the army said "its investigations confirmed it". A brigadier general, Umar Ibrahim, the Garrison Commander, 3 division, spoke with journalists at the scene.

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He said some of the suspects who participated in the killing of the general brought the army to the well. Last week, the army had announced it located a shallow grave where the late general was initially buried before the body was exhumed and taken someplace else. On Wednesday, a military "body bag" containing the parts of the missing general was unzipped for reporters to have a look. But no shots were allowed to be taken to preserve the victim's dignity. At the scene, a water pump generator was used to drain the water from the well to allow access to the body parts. The reporter observed that there was a distance of almost 10 kilometers from where his corpse was first buried to the "no man's land" where it was found Wednesday morning.

Mr Ibrahim narrated how the victim's body was found. The Nigerian Army gave us three tasks.

Missing conversations in General channel (Microsoft Teams)

One, to find General Alkali dead or alive; two, to find his car which is a Toyota Corolla; and three, if anything happened to him, to find who are responsible for it. In the same vein, last week, I called you and showed you where he was buried in a shallow grave. Some of them, who took part in his relocation took us where he body was relocated. We came here this morning, we drained the water and we were able to salvage the body of General Alkali.

Nigeria: How Body of Missing Nigerian Army General Was 'Found' -

The remaining aspect is for all those who took part in this henious act - nobody, no matter how connected the person is must not go unpunished. For those who have not submitted themselves to the police, we are on their trail. We will find them sooner or later," the officer said. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. While the body parts were being removed, soldiers on site gave a short military parade as a mark of last respect for the deceased officer.

The body was then taken into an ambulance by four generals. A blood-stained T-shirt and a pair of shoes belonging to the general were found in the car.

How to Report a Missing Person

Since the discovery of the car, there had been fears the military could attack the community in retaliation. The military had dismissed such fears. A day after the car was found, the army cordoned off the community and arrested 30 suspects.

The general aspect of Milta group after missing some member -- The group is silent and Unhappy.

Apart from the discovery of the missing car, two other vehicles were also recovered from the pond. Following the arrest of the 30 suspects, whom the soldiers later handed over to the police after interogation, residents of the community fled for fear of further military action. An unperurbed army had pledged to conduct the search with respect for human rights. Read the original article on Premium Times.

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