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Much like radioactive decay, over some period of time the wave-functions of all your particles must collapse back to a single peak! And there is no reason why they would collapse back to one peak versus the other. A painful death is sure to follow, unless you return to your own time almost immediately upon arrival.

For a time I've been pondering with the idea of atoms in time. As we know time naturally move only forward. And atoms are the foundation of universe. They are the same as they we're billions and billions years ago. But they change. They form new materials, new elements.

So for example Carbon You take year old spoon and travel with it to the day it was forged. It contain the same atoms minus the one lost during those years. But what with the missing ones? They've been lost along the spoon life but now they are present in the "source", but have two same "matrixes" they should belong to, in that particular place in time.

The "missing" atoms try to fill equally both items. So the first one is suddenly aged by half the time the second item is older while the atoms move to second one.

The pain to you is that you are suddenly filled with extra atoms. The pain increase with time you travelled as the amount of atoms trying to fit in increase but your cells are not the ones that should take them. You know the story about how every few months your blood is new, your skin changes and after 7 years you are a new man. So you experience pain of growing bones, muscles, hormones present in kids bodies. I came up with two solutions:. The early-tech approach your protagonists use to hurtle through time is more akin to pulling on a parachute and hopping in a trebuchet to travel, rather than a nice smooth car ride.

Also, time lag: It was 6pm when you left, it's now 8am. Some people are groggy for days just crossing continents Time travel involves the traversal of a portal. Anything passing the surface let's call it "event horizon" of the portal is "instantly" transported to the target coordinates. Now, imagine stepping slowly into the portal and then stopping. One half of you is in the past, the other is still here. To travel in one living piece, you have to hurl yourself in a free-fall trajectory through the portal, so everything reassembles nicely on the other side.

But there will still be inaccuracies, which lead to a author-tuneable multitude of micro-haemorrhages. An important thing to consider is that for interesting modes of time travel i. For instance, depending on latitude, if you move just a second back in time, the Earth will have rotated approximately meters away from your starting point while in that same second the Earth also has moved 30 km in its orbit around the Sun and the Sun around the galaxy center and so on.

If some of that heat is absorbed by the body of the time traveler then the time travelers temperature will rise with interesting biological effects, if the temperature rises above 42 degrees Celsius then permanent brain damage will result this is one of the first body subsystems to fail. Now, time travel in itself requires a lot of handwaving of the laws of physics so let's hypothesize a mode of time travel wherein one would 'jump' through some hyperspace or flit between branes from one point in space-time to another.

The step can be large or small and the only energy required is that needed to jump to the other brane and then step back from it on this brane. This mode provides the time traveler with ample opportunity to thwart invasion of strange molecules, adjust momentum and angular momentum and to dissipate excess heat during the jumping, perhaps to the other brane. If time travel is based on a field of effect rather than a portal-type event horizon , then each atom in the traveler's body materializes rather abruptly on the other end. While the scientists have accounted for variations of ground height and surface composition between origin and destination travelers begin the transition on an appropriately tall platform, which does not make the transition with them, resulting in a small fall upon arrival , they cannot account for variations in matter above ground.

Expected levels of atmosphere at the destination are filtered out by the process, but extreme variations in water content fog, rain, snow, etc. For the most part, the body tolerates this fairly well. Some parts of the body don't tolerate this well, though.

Suddenly having your stomach filled with rain or snow can induce some significant nausea, or even vomiting. Lungs suddenly filled with moisture will, at the very least, lead to violent coughing fits. If enough water gets in the lungs e. Some hours or days sometimes up to hours later, the patient may exhibit one or more of the following signs and symptoms:. In all cases, it should be treated as a medical emergency if any of the above signs and symptoms are observed. Our air is rarely empty. Insects, pollen, vegetation debris seeds, leaves, etc.

These contaminants suddenly appearing within our muscle mass would certainly hurt for quite a while, until cysts can form around the invading material. But if a dragonfly is suddenly embedded in your kidney, or a leaf suddenly bisects your intestines, you're going to have some pretty significant problems, possibly including bleeding from an orifice. In a causality case where travelling back in time changes the events of the future, you could have some side effects like the ones shown in The Butterfly Effect.

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Every time Evan travels back to the present after a little trip to the past his memories sync with whatever he changed in the past. Overtime, this causes him to have massive seizures and strokes that might, ultimately, end up frying his brain. This option works perfectly if your ideal downside you're looking for has to do with neurological problems. If you get the case of the travelling twins , you could apply severe dizziness, multiple orifice bleedings probably organ failure as well , concussions and all kinds of physical damaging to organs, since the human body is definitely not ready for near-light-speed travelling.

If you're up for something that requires the "because I want it to be that way" explanation, you could use the parallel universes case. Just say that the parallel universe to which the subject travelled has a "different atmosphere" or some bullshit excuse like that - just say that something is not the same. This subtlety higher gravity, some new element in the periodic tabe, another gas in the mix of atmosphere You could use radiation poisoning that leaks from the machine.

There are several kinds of radiation you can look up online or you can also create your own - but in general, radiation poisoning has some real nasty effects that cripple a person overtime and are not detectable for some time. This would be an excuse as to why "he didn't know it was harmful".

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Time Travel...Laterally!

A paradox is also a good explanation for some psychological-rooted side-effects. Let's say the subject meets his parents before he was born, or even himself. The shock of that meeting might spark neurological problemas like split personalities or schizophrenia. Also, there's other kinds of shock that could be related to the contact with something unconceivable by the subject, like the very travelling itself or getting in contact with a future version of society - something unconceivable to him.

All in all, I don't think there is a correct side-effect, even more so since you are not really interested in a specific type of time-travelling, you just want an answer that's good enough for you. My answer would be any answer. Maybe time-travelling has different effects in different people. You might feel dizzy and bleed from your nose while I could get a frequent panic attacaks for the rest of my life.

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Just look up for nasty symptoms from wired diceases and you will have a lot of ammo for your thoughts. Exotic forms of matter and energy are a given factor in most reasonably hard-science interpretations of time-travel, the hard Rads given off by say.. On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box. Click OK to close the Options popup.

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Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. A hot summer day, a group of bored teenagers, and a time machine that runs on pure bull turns out to be the recipe for a disastrous trip past the future.

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